About Me


My passion for photography comes from wanting to capture beautiful moments in life and portraying them in as positive, vibrant and inspiring way as I can.


From stunning landscapes, whether that be in incredible mountains, alongside beautiful lakes or tranquil beaches; or just moments in everyday life found in the streets of towns and cities, I am always seeking out beautiful moments to capture with my camera. 


I simply love traveling the world and inspiring others with uplifting imagery. 


I believe life is for living to it's fullest and my mantra is to 'live without regret'.  I hope that through my photography, the stories I tell and the personal journey I document on my YouTube channel that I can also inspire others to do the same.


I am passionate about many things in life.  Not just photography and travel, I am also very passionate about snowboarding, hiking, music and of course cheesecake!


Get in touch: info@chrisgouge.co.uk