Chat with Chris by Chris Gouge

For those that don’t already know, for the past few weeks I’ve been doing a regular feature on my social media every Wednesday called ‘Chat with Chris.’

This is where I go live and chat with whoever turns up about travel, photography, or pretty much anything really. I really enjoy it because not only does it give people a chance to get to know me better but it also gives me the chance to get to know the people who follow me and the people behind the likes and comments I receive.

This week I was on Instagram and I particularly enjoyed it this week because I got other people to join the video as well which was quite fun - the time actually flew by and I didn’t realise that I ended up chatting away for nearly an hour and a half!

I will be alternating each week between Instagram and Facebook so be sure to follow me on each platform if you would like to join in.

Changes Are Coming... by Chris Gouge

I’ve been quieter than usual on Instagram and YouTube lately (ordinarily I would post a video on YouTube on a Tuesday however today I haven’t).

This is because I am busy working away on some changes. Soon I will be launching a brand new website, making some changes to my YouTube channel and, well basically it's going to be a complete relaunch for myself as I take things in a slightly new direction.

Stay tuned…. ;)

Have Your Say on the Future of my YouTube Channel by Chris Gouge


Lately I’ve been wanting to take my YouTube channel in a new direction.

I first set up my channel to document my personal journey of quitting my full time job and trying to pursue my goal of becoming a professional travel photographer.

More recently though I’ve been wanting to focus more on travel and adventure in my videos. More videos like my last two from the Lake District and like my series in Orkney.

I am not travelling the world though and money is very tight so nor can I afford to so it’s not going to be the kind of channel where you sit watching someone travel the world and living the dream life and thinking ‘well how can they afford to live like that?’

I firmly believe that there’s always an adventure to be had though. You can find adventure in everything. You can go for a walk or a bike ride somewhere local, somewhere that you’ve not explored before and that can be equally as rewarding.

So that is what I would like to focus more on in my videos and that’s not to say that I wont still share important moments in my journey of trying to build a career as a photographer, just that there won’t necessarily be specific videos talking about how I edit photos or the exact work I’m doing day to day.

That being said yesterday’s video where I went on a local bike ride, so far has not had many views, so that leaves me to question whether I should continue to take things down this new route, or if this video was just a flop and a one off or whether I should stick to focusing more on my journey and the work I’m doing to trying to achieve my dreams.

So I’d really value your feedback on opinions now on which direction I should take my channel. Please leave your comments below and have your say on the future of my channel.