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Finally Getting the Festive Feeling At A Christmas Market

If you read yesterdays post you'll know that I went on a random adventure where I went to the ticket machine at my local train station, closed my eyes and then randomly hit the screen to pick which destination I would take a train to.

I won't reveal where I ended up just yet as all will be revealed in my next YouTube video. However, what I will say is that this location did have a Christmas Market, which I was really pleased about as my home town, Carlisle, hasn't really made much of an effort for Christmas.

It was really good to get to a Christmas market and finally get that festive feeling after Carlisle's lacklustre efforts.

It was also good to practise my street photography which is something I don't really practise enough and is something I really want to improve on a lot.

Markets like these are a great place to practise candid and street photography. Subscribe to my YouTube channel for more photos and more info from this day in my next video.



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