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Sunset Time-lapse From My Window

For the first few weeks of lockdown, since I wasn't able to go outdoors and do my usual style of landscape, travel and street photography, I just wasn't taking photos at all. Doing macro or still life photography inside my flat just didn't interest me.

Eventually however, I got very concerned and frustrated that I wasn't taking any photos, I wasn't doing the thing I love or practising my craft. So finally I've begun to look for ways how I can practice the kind of photography I actually enjoy and keep my creativity alive.

So last night I set up my camera at my living room window and created the time-lapse which you can view at the top of this page.

I do not think the time-lapse is anything special, but I certainly learned from it and noticed things I could have improved on and done differently next time. And this is why practising, whether it is practising a particular style or technique, or just practising photography in general, is so important. Even if the subject matter or resulting photo is not earth shattering amazing, you will be learning and improving your skills and THAT is the point.

So I will be doing a lot more photography and a lot more time-lapses as this lockdown continues. I've begun taking my DJI Osmo Action camera with me when I go out for a walk or run as it so easily fits into my pocket and I can quickly take a snap if something catches my eye. The key thing with it is that by carrying it with me, if nothing more it gets me actively looking for potential photos.

I will definitely be doing a lot more time-lapses out of my window too. I had a lot of fun doing this one and although the view itself might not specifically change, the light and weather conditions are different every single say, heck even hour by hour the conditions can change, so there is so much potential!

I will continue to share more of my photos and time-lapses over the next few days, weeks and months and I encourage you to practice time-lapses from your own window.

Please let me know if you do. I would love to see them.

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1 Comment

Lee Walker
Lee Walker
May 02, 2020

Love stuff like this! Want to get more timelapses around Edinburgh ;OP

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