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Why I've Stopped Caring About Instagram

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Last year in particular I stressed over Instagram far too much. Always concerned about why I wasn't getting as many likes as I thought I should, why my number of followers wasn't growing as I'd like.

I spent so much time and effort researching what aspect ratio worked best to maximise the amount of space my images would take up on screen. I spent a long time searching for the 30 perfect hashtags for the photo I was about to upload. Hashtags that were relevant and just the right size. Not too big that they'd quickly get lost in the noise but also not too small that they'd barely reach anyone. Hashtags which I should be able to get onto the 'top' feed with.

I watched videos on YouTube on how to grow on Instagram and followed all the tips.

I thought I'd finally cracked it and then I'd upload my photo and get annoyed that I still wasn't getting as many likes as I even used to. I'd then get very frustrated that I was putting in the time and effort and not getting the results I felt I deserved.

It even began to effect my photography, which I touched upon in my last blog post and will also discuss in more detail in my next YouTube video. However, basically I noticed that I wasn't enjoying my photography in the same way as I was when I first got into photography. Every time I picked up a camera I was too concerned about capturing a photo that was worthy of a lot of likes on Instagram, too concerned how each photo would perform on social media rather than just enjoying the moment and the process.

I lost track of the reasons I got into photography in the first place.

So from now on I am just going to take the photos that I want to take and share the photos that I want to share, without worrying about whether my feed looks consistent or any of my metrics. It is my story that I want to share and I shouldn't let Instagram dictate what I share or let it detract from my enjoyment of it.

Yes Instagram is important these days but it's not the be all and end all and I was putting far too much weight on it in the past. I do enjoy using Instagram, particularly the Stories feature and this is not a criticism of the platform at all, just to say that it is foolish to stress and get frustrated with numbers and trying to 'beat the algorithm.'

I'm far more interested in focusing on telling my story, sharing my adventures and the photos that I want to share, engaging with the people who do follow me and above all having fun with it.

For more on this please watch the video below...



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