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Changing My Perspective - Changing My Life

As I continue to better myself and work further towards my goal of becoming a professional travel photographer, I really want to motivate and inspire other people to also live their best life, to go for their goals, to never give up when things get difficult and to ultimately make the most of life and live without regret.

I figure that the best way I can motivate and inspire others is to share my own journey as I improve my own life and work hard towards my own goals. I hope as I document my own growth, my resilience and achievements in an open and honest way (not a highlight reel) it will also help to encourage you too and gain perspective on your own life.

The biggest change I have made in my life recently which has already helped me to improve my happiness, my clarity, my optimism about the future, my drive and motivation and in turn my productivity; is to change my perspective.

I realised recently that for the last couple of years my perspective was all wrong. I was reacting to all the external things in my life which were beyond my control as though THEY were dictating my life. I was playing the victim and focusing on all the negative things in my life, all the things that weren't working or going the way I planned. When something happened in my life that I did not like, or was not what I had hoped, I used it as proof that the universe was against me.

I have since changed my perspective and started focusing only on myself and my actions - the things that I CAN control. No one can control the external things that happen in their lives, whether it's someone not responding to something in the way you would like, a traffic jam on your way to work, a virus spreading across the globe.... What you can control however, is how you respond to these things.

Previously I reacted to things I did not like with anger and frustration and would lose motivation in doing so. Now I simply accept things and continue to focus on my own efforts.


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