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First Attempt At Photographing The Neowise Comet

Since the start of this month I've been very keen to photograph the Neowise Comet that is currently visible in our night skies.

Unfortunately I've been suffering from a typical British summer in the North of England and have had nothing but overcast skies, day after day.

Thankfully however, last night there was finally a break in the clouds. As I had to go to my regular job today though I did not want to stay up all night, or travel far, particularly as it was due to soon cloud over again.

So as it past midnight, I was feeling very tired and thought I should probably just go to bed ready for work the next day and hope that I got a clear night again one night when I'd be more free.

Just before I got into bed though I looked out of my bedroom window to see how the sky was looking and in doing so I spotted the comet straight away.

So I quickly grabbed my camera and tripod and headed down to my backyard where I park my car.

It wasn't as good a composition as I would have liked and I'm hoping to get another chance later in the month where I can plan and spend more time on it; but it was very exciting just to be able to see it with my own naked eye and to have the first chance to photograph it.

Previous to last night I could only look at other photographers attempts with envy, worried that I'd never get a chance to photograph it myself, so I'm very grateful for that break in clouds at last.

Not only that but I was even fortune enough to see and photograph the International Space Station in the same night!

All in all then, it was definitely worth staying up for 😉.

I now have plenty of editing to do so that I can get the full video and photos ready for the video I'll be uploading to YouTube on Tuesday. So for now here is a sneak peek from the back of my camera.



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