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First Time Back In The Lake District Since Lockdown

I've always been someone who loves to travel, loves adventure, and loves the outdoors. So getting out and exploring places has always been very important to me. So lockdown and the restrictions we have faced this last year, has been very difficult for me, and as a photographer as well, it also killed my creativity.

And although more recently I did find ways to start being creative again while stuck at home, it just wasn't the same... I'm all about getting out, exploring new places and capturing them with my camera. So the longer that lockdown went on, the more and more I found myself pining for the hills and for the outdoors.

I live so close to the Lake District National Park yet I haven't been able to visit it for so long, unable to leave the small town I live in.

I accept that we can't travel the world and things yet, but all I wanted is to see the hills again, go on a hike, see nature, just to get out with my camera, explore and be creative again... So it was a hugely special moment when I was finally able to visit the Lake District again for the first time since restrictions eased.

After the best part of a year since my last hike, I decided to ease back into things with a nice gentle stroll up Binsey fell, the northernmost Wainwright.

Just driving towards the Lakes and seeing the hills for the first time in so long was special and hiking even this modestly sized fell really did make me appreciate and love the area that I live and I cannot wait to get out again on many more hikes and adventures.



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