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Make A Difference With A Small Audience

I recently received two lovely comments on two of my most recent YouTube videos from a woman telling me what a positive impact those two videos had had on her.

I spoke about 'appreciating your worth' in episode 3 of my podcast, no matter how small it may seem and these comments further prove this point.

Despite each of these videos only getting a little over 200 views at the time of writing you can see they have clearly had a big, positive impact on at least some of those that have watched it and that to me is much more important than selfishly chasing views and subscribers.

It is easy these days to lose motivation and become frustration if your content doesn't amass gigantic likes and view counts but it is much better to focus on the audience you DO have, to serve them as best you can and offer as much value to the people who already appreciate your work as possible.

Making just one person's day a little better is a truly amazing thing and should not be under appreciated. Strive for making a difference to the people who already consume your content and both they and you will be much happier.

I discuss this in more detail in my brand new podcast which you can listen to below or on Spotify, Apple Music or wherever else you get your podcasts from.


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