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Photography Debates on Twitch

I've been really enjoying having some conversations and debates about photography with a couple of my friends on Zoom lately and I've actually been getting a lot out of it too. Having discussions with other photographers has given me more ideas and clarity about my own work as a photographer.

This is something I want to take further. Not just having discussions privately with my friends but having debates with a community and with my followers where everyone can join in.

So I have decided to start having these discussions over on my Twitch channel

To begin with I will be going live on Sunday at 9pm UK time to discuss my current thoughts on Landscape photography as well as the award winning photos from the inaugural World Landscape Photographer competition

You can see my schedule which is also adjusted for different time zones here

I'll be updating this schedule as I plan more live debates in this future so stay tuned and I really hope to see you there on Sunday. Should be fun!



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