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Quarantine Travel Challenge: The Most Memorable Meal I've Ever Had

I came across this '30 day quarantine challenge' on Instagram the other day, where each day it asks you to tell a different travel story. It looked fun so I thought I would try it on my own IG Story and I've been posting with it for the last few days.

Most the time my response to each daily prompt is a photo or two from each particular location, or sometimes a video but I thought I would use my blog to share some of the most interesting parts of the challenge in a bit more detail. It also gives me an excuse to share one or two photos from each place.

Day 3 was - 'place where you ate the most memorable meal' - and although it's not a meal as such, the thing that instantly came into my head when I read this was a raspberry cheesecake I had in Lisbon, Portugal.

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love cheesecake, and this one was possibly the best I've ever had! I still think about it to this day and would go back to Lisbon purely for one more slice!

The cheesecake was from a restaurant called O Boteco and I should say that it wasn't just the cheesecake that was good, the food in general was so good that me and my friend ate there twice during our long weekend in Lisbon, so I'd highly recommend it. In fact the reason I found out about the restaurant in the first place was because an American friend of mine suggested it to me when they saw from my Facebook profile that I was in Lisbon.

If you want to try the challenge yourself on your own Instagram or Facebook story then just use the template below.



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