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Bargain Messenger Camera Bag With Space For Tripod

Recently I received this very well priced messenger style camera bag which I am a big fan of, not least because of it's very reasonable price but also because it allows you to carry a tripod - something which is very rare on messenger bags.

I also really like this bag because as well as it's many different pockets it also has space to hold a tablet/laptop - and not just a small and slimline ipad or MacBook air, this bag can also hold my 15" Microsoft Surface Book which with it's unique hinge mechanism is a little bulkier than many other laptops - so I'm really impressed that I can fit my laptop in this bag without any problems.

If you're looking for a messenger style camera bag and want to be able to carry your tripod along with you too, you really can't go wrong with this bag especially since it is priced at just £37.99 at the time of me writing this.

You can watch my full review of the bag in the video below where I also do some street photography in Newcastle as well as photograph a beautiful sunset on the Quayside and River Tyne.

You can also buy the bag here



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