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BenQ Screenbar Review - Why It's A Great Tool For Photographers

Serious photographers will know the importance of calibrating their monitors to ensure they get accurate results when editing their photos and to ensure the colours are being displayed accurately.

That is only the first step to ensuring colour accuracy though. It's all well and good calibrating you're monitor but if you're working under different light conditions all the time then the way you perceive those colours are still going to change.

Lighting conditions have a huge impact on how the colours will look on our display. That's why I think the BenQ Screenbar Plus e-reading lamp is such a great tool for photographers when it comes to editing their photos.

It's a light which rests neatly on top of your monitor and crucially lets you control both the brightness and temperature of the light without casting any glare on your monitor.

You can of course fit daylight bulbs in your lamp or light fitting but this ensures that the light is perfectly balanced without casting any shadows or glare on your display.

I really don't think there is a better solution for producing such consistent and perfectly balanced light without compromise and I now always use it whenever editing my photos.

You can find out more about why I like this product so much in my full review in the video below. Please also note that these are my own honest opinions and I am in no way getting paid by BenQ for writing this (I should be so lucky!) - nor do they even know that I am writing this. I simply think it is something which will definitely benefit photographers and one which they may not have otherwise considered.

The screenbar also does a great job of lighting up your workspace


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