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Celebrating Black Photographers

In light of current events and following on from #blackoutuesday yesterday, I for one want to make sure that the awareness and momentum gained yesterday continues and lasts for more than one day.

Many people today will go back to posting their own usual content but I don't want the important issues raised yesterday to quickly fall down the ranks of people's attention and focus.

And where the news organisations and often people in general, will tend to focus on the negative aspects of life and society, I thought I would take this opportunity to celebrate and promote some amazing work being done in the field that I am most passionate about - photography.

So below are two links which list some incredible, young, black photographers whose work are just truly brilliant. In total, between the two links, there are 18 different photographers. I have looked through each of them and samples of their work and I can honestly say that everyone of them have inspired me.

Do please take a look:


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