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Edinburgh Street and Cityscape Photography

Recently I headed out with my camera, leaving the house not knowing where I would end up.

I went to the train station, and on the destinations page at the ticket machine simply closed my eyes and bought a ticket for where ever my finger then landed. It's something I have done before and something I really enjoy doing to add a bit of an adventure to my day, to get out of my own City and to challenge myself with my camera.

It's really exciting leaving the house not knowing where you are going to end up and a great way to get some inspiration and motivation with your photography if you're bored in your hometown and photographing the same things all the time.

On this occasion I ended up in Edinburgh

I always enjoy exploring different Cities with my camera. Every City presents different challenges and opportunities.

It's such a simple thing but walking aimlessly around a City looking for whatever might make an interesting photo brings me so much joy 😁

Street photography really helps me appreciate even the smallest things in life. From watching how people interact, a nice bit of light, vibrant colours, interesting textures or patterns..... Take how this woman's vibrant coat compliments with the also vibrant red phone boxes for example.

Colour is one of my main driving forces in photography and it's amazing how colourful the world can be when you stop to notice it.

I had a lot of fun experimenting and trying to look for things a little different... I wanted to try and capture some more abstract photos rather than simply photographing obvious, wide open scenes. Focusing instead on colour, shape and patterns, such as in this photo below.

You can watch the day in full in my video at the top of the page or simply enjoy the rest of my photos below.

I would also encourage other people to try this themselves on a free day, whether you're a photographer or not it is simply just a fun day out and an easy way for a little bit of adventure.

Don't forget to also share your adventure on my Your Adventures page. There you can let me and the community know where you ended up on your adventure, share your story and any photos or videos you might like to share. I'd love to hear where different people have ended up.



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