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Finding A Cheap Holiday (+ Photography From Poznan, Poland)

Back from my travels in India and with my flat still being rented out, I was in need of finding my next adventure and my next travel destination. With money being tight however, and only having a small budget, I needed to find somewhere cheap.

My Motto though, is 'there's always an adventure to be had' so just because you only have a small budget does not mean that you can't travel.

When I'm looking for a cheap City break, or any cheap holiday for that matter, I first visit the website Skyscanner to find myself some cheap flights. Flights are always the biggest cost of a holiday, so finding the cheapest place to fly to is the most important step of finding a cheap holiday.

I love Skyscanner because if you're flexible, you can literally search for 'Everywhere' as the destination and even search for flights during an entire month to see which dates are the cheapest to fly within any given month, or you can even ask it to find the 'cheapest month' if you're really flexible about when you want to visit a place.

I love to use it to find destinations for my travels by searching for 'Everywhere', it then lists each country, starting from the cheapest to fly to within the dates you've put in and then increasing as you go down the list. If you click on a Country it will then list each City in order of price too. If you're looking for a cheap holiday but aren't too specific about where you want to go, it's really great!

So on this specific occasion I ended up booking flights to Poznan in Poland and having already visited Warsaw once before, I knew Poland was a cheap country to visit too. Food and drink is much cheaper than most other European countries for example.

Once I know where I am heading I then use to find my accommodation. Again you can list the results by price and add any other filters/requirements you might have such as price per night, rating, parking etc. I simply list by price then book the cheapest one that I can find that has good reviews and is close enough to the City centre for me.

I flew to Poznan then, where I spent a few days simply relaxing, admiring the beautiful Old Town Square and it's stunning historic architecture and of course took lots of photos, if you'd like to see more of what I got up to, watch my video at the top of this page.

My plan was then to spend the next few weeks travelling around Poland by train (a cheap way to get around), visiting Gdansk, Krakow and Wroclaw, so stay tunes for my blog posts and photos from each of those destinations, or you can see my videos from each place over on my YouTube channel.

*Please note, this is my own personal recommendations and sites I have personally being using for years, this blog post is not in any way sponsored by Skyscanner or - I wish! :P


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