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For The Love of Photography.... (Visit to Edinburgh with my camera)

After realising that I needed to stop letting external factors in my life which are outside of my control dictate my happiness, or lack thereof and realising that I need to focus on the things that I CAN control: focusing on becoming on the best version of me that I can; I decided that there would be no more negativity in my life. No more beating myself up, no more frustration that things aren't where I want them to be, only focusing on myself and the things that I do have and can control. (See more about this here)

And what better way to kick that off than by doing what I love and getting out with my camera, specifically to Edinburgh, a City I always enjoy visiting very much and where one of me best friends and fellow photographer Lee Walker lives.

When I arrived me and Lee walked around some of Edinburgh's main sights including Edinburgh Castle, Royal Mile, St Giles Cathedral and Salisbury Crags and although I wasn't particularly jumping for joy with any of my photos on this day, it wasn't about that, it was just about enjoying the moment, having fun and just enjoying being out with my camera and with my friend in one of UK's finest Cities - and we certainly did have a lot of fun! As you will be able to see in the video at the top of this page.

Some of my favourite photos from this day, or certainly the best views anyway, were taken from the top of Salisbury Crags. It certainly gave the potential for some great photos as you get a great view of virtually the entire City of Edinburgh and although we did hike to the top in time for sunset, unfortunately it was just too overcast to get the benefit. I was very impressed with it nonetheless and I certainly had a laugh on the hike back down as me and Lee attempted to negotiate the very muddy footpath in our slick trainers as the light began to fall.

Once we did get to the bottom me and Lee headed to the nearest Wetherspoons to grab some food and to both work on our websites and photography on our laptops and the following day I just had time to visit Dean Village before getting my train back home.

Dean Village Edinburgh

Sunset over Dean Village Edinburgh

Sometimes it's nice to just get out for the sheer love and enjoyment of photography and spending time with friends without worrying about whether or not your photos are good enough or how many likes they'll get on Instagram - and this was certainly one of those days!

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1 Comment

Lee Walker
Lee Walker
Apr 10, 2020

Cheers for the link buddy!

I need to get some new posts on my blog.... :/

Love the view over Calton Hill and the long expo at Dean Village!

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