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Gaining Confidence With Street Portraits

I love taking street portraits but rarely have the confidence to actually do it. One good thing about my travels around in India is I have become more comfortable and confident photographing the people too and found that asking people for a photo is actually not at all daunting.

One thing that really helped me initially is that as I was walking around Crawford Market in Mumbai a couple of people saw me with my camera and actually asked me to take their photo. When one person saw someone getting their photo taken, someone else then wanted their photo taken too.

This quickly put me at ease and gave me the confidence I needed to start approaching other people and asking if I could take their photo. Everyone reacted really well and was more than happy to have their photo taken - not a single person said no.

This is one of the things I hoped to improve on as I travelled India. The people are such a key part of travel photography, it's not all just about the sights. So improving my street portraits and specifically getting past the anxiety of asking people for their photograph is something I knew I had to improve on. In that regard my trip to India has already been a success.

Watch the video from my time in Mumbai below



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