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Improve Your Street Photography: Take Bad Photos

In street photography I think it's hugely important to try to take photos every day in order to truly improve.

One thing that I struggle with though and I'm sure most other photographers do too is that you end up taking a lot of bad photos.

I follow some amazing street photographers on Instagram such as 'sixstreetunder' and 'spicy.meatball' who seem to take incredible street photos every single day.

I get amazed at how they are able to capture such interesting photos on the streets every day and although I aspire to be as good as them too, it often leaves me demoralised when I look at the majority of photos I end up taking every day and as a result I often end up skipping a few days of taking photos.

What I've come to realise now though is that the only way I'll ever become as good as those street photographers I admire is to go out and take photos every single day and the only way I'll stay motivated to keep taking photos every day is if I'm comfortable taking bad photos.

So take photos for yourself, don't worry about whether or not they are good enough to post on Instagram or your website, just have fun with it.

That is what I am doing from now on. Just going out and observing and taking photos without fear and without pressure. It doesn't matter if it's a bad or uninteresting photo because each time I take a photo like that I'm improving and taking another step forward.

It's ok to take bad photos.

Below is a video where I talk about some of the benefits of taking photos every day and how you can make it fun and easy to do so.


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