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Inspiration Can Hit At Any Moment

The other night I was sat watching TV, winding down for the evening before going to bed, having just had my first beer for 5 weeks! (Coronavirus really has effected me in so many ways 😂) Suddenly I noticed the light from my TV reflected in my beer jug and the different patterns the dimples in the glass were creating.

So I picked up my DJI Osmo Action and took a few photos...

This is why it's important to always have a camera with you, to frequently be looking and observing light, subjects, colour, composition. The more you look and observe the more you will see.

A few weeks ago when we were first put on lockdown in the UK, I felt uninspired to photograph anything. I guess I was disappointed that I couldn't go outdoors and do my usual style of photography. As time passed however I was more frustrated that I wasn't photographing anything, I wasn't practising photography at all!

So I began to think how I could still take photos and practice the thing I love under the current circumstances. I thought about my photography and looked for opportunities as much as possible and soon I began to find inspiration in places I previously wouldn't have before.

Like an empty beer glass in a dark room...



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