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Landscape Photography From the Swiss Alps

Updated: May 3, 2020

I recently got back from a short snowboarding trip in the resort of Verbier in Switzerland. I am very passionate about snowboarding, in fact I love it almost as much as I enjoy photography.

Snowboarding itself is just incredibly fun but then on top of that I just love being in the mountains, I love snow, I love a good view so when you put all of this together you really do have the perfect holiday.

The views you get from the highest peaks, surrounded by different valleys and vast mountain ranges all covered in snow - it's just bliss. 

The highlight of which on this trip was when we took the cable car up Mont Fort - the highest peak in the resort at 3330 metres. The views were amazing and you could even see Mont Blanc over in France and the iconic Matterhorn, a mountain I've always wanted to see and photograph.

Panorama taken on my phone from the top of Mont Fort

The incredible Matterhorn

Even the ski resorts themselves I love. In Europe in particular they are very traditional, as they are towns within their own rights, not just purpose built resorts, so they each have their own unique charm and are usually very quaint.

Watching the sun set in the ski resort of Verbier after a day's snowboarding

Combine all of this and it's little wonder that Winter is my favourite time of year and why I always make the effort to get in at least one snowboarding trip every year.

Panorama of some of the pistes in Verbier, Switzerland

You can find out more about my trip to Verbier and some of my stories snowboarding there in my video below or continue to scroll down for more of my photos - and if you've not yet been skiing or snowboarding, I highly encourage you to give it a go.

For more tips on landscape photography check out this helpful article from Pixpa: Landscape Photography: 25 Tips to Get Better Results


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