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No Excuses! Just Create!

Since the Coronavirus pandemic began I have been creating very little. I've taken few photos, shockingly few for a photographer in fact. I've not been uploading videos to this YouTube channel as consistently as I normally would, not been posting as many blog posts etc.

So there's no doubt the pandemic and especially the restrictions we've faced and spending so much of the year on lockdown has had a very negative effect on my creativity.

As anyone who has followed me for a while will know, I am all about getting outdoors, adventure, travelling and exploring and since I've not been able to do much of that over the course of the last 12 months, that is why I have struggled to create content.

I've always told myself that, living in a small town, there is nothing interesting to photograph and that it is not a place I can really practise my photography. Of course this is not true, as proved by another local photographer Matthew James Turner who frequently photographs the City and is always finding new subjects and compositions on his doorstep. He even recently won a photography competition for a photo he took in our town.

Award winning photo taken in Carlisle by Matthew James Turner

Photo by Matthew James Turner

So it's time I stopped letting restrictions and/or excuses stop me from being creative.

I (and I encourage others too) must continue to create content and be creative irrespective of what situation I am in. I must learn to create content within whatever limitations I might have.

At the end of the day, which is better? Sat at home complaining about the weather not being right, complaining about my town not being interesting, complaining about not being able to travel? Or grabbing my camera, going outdoors and creating something in spite of those things?

Creating SOMETHING has always got to be better than complaining and creating nothing.


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