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One of the Most Beautiful Cities I Have Ever Visited - Krakow, Poland

After already visiting Gdansk and Poznan on my tour of Poland and already being blown away by how beautiful both Cities were - I was about to be blown away even more as I next visited Krakow.

Although a lot busier and more touristy than the other Polish Cities, it was certainly one of the m most beautiful Cities I have ever visited. You could easily sit for hour after hour in the main square just watching the world go by, perhaps with a beer or two

You also get brilliant views of the Main square and the rest of the City in the town hall observation tower, situated right in the centre of the square.

Another highlight is Krakus mound, situated in the South of the City, which although further out from the City, again gives great views and is a lovely place to watch the sun go down.

For me as a travel and street photographer, it was also just a great place just to aimlessly walk around with my camera. In such a beautiful City it seemed there was endless photo opportunites on every corner.

To see more of these attractions, the City itself and more of the fun I got up to during my time in Krakow, please watch my video at the top of this page.


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