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Place Fell Landscape Photography

Me and two of my friends recently went for a hike in the Lake District. Starting at Patterdale we walked to Silver Point which offers beautiful views of Ullswater Lake and the surrounding mountains. From there we hiked up to Place Fell, taking the longer and more difficult route up.

We got a bit lost along on the way and it was challenging at times as we went off the trail but there were lots of opportunities for Landscape Photography along the way and thankfully we were rewarded by some incredible light beaming down onto the valleys once we got to the top.

Watch all the shenanigans in the video below or enjoy all of my photos below.

Panorama on the ascend up to Place Fell



Chris Gouge
Chris Gouge
Apr 26, 2019

Thanks very much Lee. I actually hated all my photos at first but I've came round to liking them now haha


Lee Walker
Lee Walker
Apr 23, 2019

Those last four pics are epic!

Still to go through a lot of mine - Can only hope to have some as good as those!

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