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Podcast: Discussing Martin Parr - Photography's Most Shrewd Businessman?

In my new podcast episode me and my friend Jonny who has just finished a photography degree, debate one of the most influential British photographers, Martin Parr. He is not just one of the most well known and well respected photographers in Britain, certainly as a street photographer, but also an incredibly shrewd business man.

This is one of the things we discuss in this episode. He recently caused some controversy when, in the middle of the Coronavirus pandemic, he began selling face masks with his photos printed on them - like I say he is a shrewd business man. We discuss our thoughts on that before talking about his work he done with the BBC where he created a series of short idents 'from a series of portraits that represent the rich diversity of communities living in the UK today.' You can watch all of those on his website:

I then talk about the time I met him at a book signing and slightly offended him by commenting on how quiet it was and then showed off my photography skills by taking a 'selfie' of the two of us which is completely blurry and out of focus. You can see that terrible photo at the top of this page.

Finally we discuss him as a photographer as a whole and specifically his project 'The Last Resort' a project which focused on the seaside town of New Brighton in the 1980s.

You can listen to the podcast directly below or it is also available on Apple, Spotify, Google Podcasts, or wherever else you get your podcasts from. Hope you enjoy and please leave a review and let me know what you think.


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