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Podcast: If You Could Change Your Past Would You? Here's Why You Shouldn't

If you had a time machine, would you travel to the future or to the past?

It's a question I debate in this episode.  If you're anything like me your initial answer would probably to travel to the past so you could change something you don't like, something you think has hindered you and set you back in life perhaps.  If you travelled to the future instead however, you would realise how those things in the past have actually served you and that your future is actually much brighter because of those events.

Listen to the podcast in full below, or if you prefer, the key parts of the podcast are typed out below.

I mentioned in one of my recent videos that I've recently started journalling, to be very honest with you journal in is something I have done on and off for a number of years now (although until recently mainly off) but as I was tidying things up at home I found some of my old notebooks, so I started going through them just to see what I was writing down several years ago.

This particular journal I found must have been the first one I ever kept, it was from early 2012, before I even moved down to London. As I was going through it, one particular entry really stood out to me.

Quite surprisingly it is something I have taken from a horoscope. I've written down for my horoscope. I say surprisingly because I am not someone who believes or have ever really read horoscopes, so what caused me to read one on this particular day back in 2012, I don't know, but it obviously had a big enough impact on me for me to write it down, just as it impacted me again as I read it now several years later:

If you have the time machine Taurus, would you travel to the future, or to the past?
Most likely right now, you would travel to the past. That's because there is some event from your own ancient history that is still bothering you. It's possible that you still believe that if you'd only done something differently your whole life would be better. But the best is yet to be and you would be wiser to travel to the future, then you would see how events of the past have led you to a wonderful opportunity that would not have existed otherwise.

As you will know if you've been following me for a while, I had been feeling quite down and frustrated recently and I was definitely questioning a lot of things I've done in my past and thinking: if only I could go back in time and do things differently.

As I've now made changes in my life, developed good habits and gotten myself in a much better place mentally, I was already beginning to realise how some past events I was not happy about had actually helped push me to reach a new level and helped me realise that I needed to raise my standards. So strangely, this was the perfect time to rediscover and read this horoscope again as it further reinforced to me that I am on the right track now.


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