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Trying To Recover The Creativity I Lost In 2020

Between my regular job taking up much of my time and the complications around Covid-19, my creativity really took a hit last year and I now find myself trying to get back into that creative flow again.

As a landscape, travel and street photographer my photography relies on getting outdoors and exploring places with my camera. Exploring and capturing new places being one of the main things I love and find exciting about photography. So having spent so much of the last 12 months in lockdown, only being able to leave my home for very limited and 'essential' reasons, I've found it very difficult to keep my creative juices flowing and my photography has really suffered.

If you follow me on Instagram, YouTube, or listen to my podcast, you will have noticed that I've not been putting out as much content, as consistently as I have in the past.

I have been using the time wisely and productively around other areas of my life, such as exercising more, improving my mind set and general self development which has been very important for me and I've no doubt will ultimately help me be more successful in the future..... However, I am obviously very keen to get my creativity back where it needs to be too.

As this pandemic shows no time of ending any time in the immediate future, (As I write this I am still on full lockdown and very tight restrictions) I cannot continue to allow it to stop me from taking photos, creating videos and putting out content.

So I am thinking of new ways I can be creative within the 'constraints' of my apartment and my 'local area.'

Being creative is what I do, it's what I live for and so here is my pledge to start being creative again, doing what I love and get back to putting out content, here on my website and across my different platforms on a consistent basis again.

How has the pandemic effected you and your creativity? What is helping you remain creative in these difficult times? Let me know in the comments below.

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1 Comment

Lee Walker
Lee Walker
Mar 01, 2021

It's been a tough one! I found it easier to stay motivated during the first lock down, really struggled during this one.

Last month I decided to get back to submitting some stock photography - Made myself targets: 50 texture images one week, 20 door images one week, etc.

Sadly, didn't last. HOPEFULLY i'll get some motivation to get back to it soon!

Good luck with regaining your creativity - It's never as easy as it sounds!

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