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Holding Myself To Higher Standards

It could be the distraction of the return of football and enjoying different matches almost every day, but I don't feel I've had a good week this past week. Sure, I've enjoyed being able to watch some sport again, it's really felt like a luxury at the moment, but I certainly haven't been anywhere near as productive as I could have been.

Over the last few weeks I feel I have been using this time very well, I feel much happier, I've developed some good habits, been working more on my website and other things I'd been putting off and I've been putting out a lot of content. I felt I've really been making a lot of progress on where I was a few months ago.

This past week however, feels like a slight step backwards. I haven't put out as many blog posts as I would have liked nor achieved some of the other things I'd been wanting to do like update my video stock library.

I've spoke before about the power of momentum so I must be careful not to continue to slide further backwards. Whereas I'm sure no one is left distraught at the fact that I didn't put out a blog post every day last week as I would like, this is not the standard that I would like to hold myself to having made some positive changes in my life.

That is why I am writing this post, to hold myself accountable. I am too good now to have two bad, or two lazy weeks. Yes the return of football probably has been a distraction and I have enjoyed watching it, but I must hold myself to higher standards to continue the forward momentum I had recently been enjoying.

With all that being said, I will be going live on Twitch at 9pm tonight for a fun photography debate and discussion, I'll be releasing my latest podcast tomorrow, a new YouTube video on Tuesday, I'll be going live on Instagram on Wednesday for 'Chat with Chris', before returning to work after being furloughed on Thursday. Aside from all of that I aim to be as productive as I can and stick to the high standards I have now set myself.



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