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Sometimes It's Just About Getting To The Summit - Hiking in the Lake District

With lockdown restrictions continuing to ease at the moment and being able to meet more people outdoors, I recently headed back to the Lake District with some of my family.

We hiked up Ullock Pike in the Northern Fells and my plan was to take a range of different photos throughout the day, to help 'tell the story' of our hike. I've spoke recently about my desire to tell more stories with my photography moving forward so I thought this would be a great opportunity to practise that, especially as I had other people to photograph on this occasion.

The day started off well, it was dry, cool, we were all in good spirits and I began taking different photos of the surroundings as we began our ascent. As we hiked higher however, conditions got worse and my legs got increasingly tired so as we continued to get battered by the wind and rain I ended up putting my camera back in my bag and suddenly the goal changed: simply make it to the summit!

Nevertheless it was a fun day and great to be able to get out with family to the Lake District again after spending so much time lately stuck at home by myself! No matter what the conditions are, I never have a bad day in the Lake District and will always appreciate days like this.


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