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Something A Little Different...

Sunset over the River Tyne, Newcastle  Quayside and Gateshead

Something a little different from me tonight just for a bit of fun. Can you work out what it is?

As I mentioned in a previous post I was recently in Newcastle for a visit and chance to do some photography. Naturally I wanted to head down to the Quayside to photograph the sunset, particularly as it was the time of year when the sun would line up with all of the Tyne's bridges as it set.

When I got to the Quayside I was amazed at how perfect the reflections were. I could not believe how still the river Tyne was. It was so beautiful and looked like a perfect mirror image.

I took a few photos and no matter which way I rotated my camera when looking at the back of my LCD screen the image looked great. To me it looked like a lamp when rotated vertically.

There'll be more photos to come from Newcastle here on my blog and on my Instagram over the next few days and a new video also from Newcastle on my YouTube channel tomorrow.


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