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Spend More Time Doing The Things You Love

A couple of nights ago while walking back home from my local shop, I looked up to the sky and noticed it was quite a clear night and I could see several stars - which is unusual as at this time of year in Carlisle it's almost always overcast.

I had originally planned to just stay at home that evening and work on some video editing and other work I had to do, but once I saw it was a clear night and since I want to spend more time this year doing the things that I enjoy and that make me happy, I decided actually I'm going to go out with my camera and try to photograph some of those stars.

As a photographer and videographer I often complain that I spend too much time in front of my computer and not enough time doing the things that I actually enjoy the most - getting out, exploring, taking photos and making videos. So this year I am going to change that as much as I can.

Another thing I want to do more of this year is to seek out more adventures. Adventure doesn't necessarily have to be something huge, it can be something small, something which can be found in every day life. Whether it's exploring somewhere local you've not been before, going on a bike ride, learning a new language or instrument - there are so many ways we can all add a little more adventure to our daily lives.

So as important as the work I do on my computer is, I am committed to finding more time more small adventures and for doing the things that I love and which make me happy.

Find out more about this and discover how that evening photographing the stars went in my latest video below.



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