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Street Photography from Jodhpur, India

After some amazing experiences in Varanasi, my next destination on my 10 week tour of India was Jodhpur.

Referred to as the 'Blue City' due to the walls of most buildings in the Old City being painted blue, I knew this colourful and vibrant City would be perfect for my style of photography.

Markets are always a great place for street photography and Sardar Market, Jodhpur's largest market, was no different. You can find everything there from, food and spices, to clothes, jewellery, children's toys and more. It has this prominent clock tower in the centre of the market and much like the rest of India is a hive of activity and chaos, so again it was perfect for street photography.

Most of my time in Jodhpur was just spent walking around, exploring with my camera and doing street photography, although with it being India and incredibly chaotic and busy, this wasn't always easy as you'll be able to see in my first video from Jodhpur at the bottom of this post.

I was first inspired to visit India in the first place after viewing a Steve McCurry exhibition in New York which was displaying the Magnum photographer's stunning collection of photos from his many visits to India over the years.

One of my favourite photos from this exhibition was one of a young boy running through the colourful alleyways of Jodhpur and so while I was in this City where one of my favourite photographers took one of my favourite and most inspiring photos, I wanted to see if I could find the exact location where Steve McCurry took it.

You can find out whether or not I was successful in my second video from Jodhpur below.


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