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Street Photography in Old Delhi (While struggling to buy a rail ticket)

After missing my flight to Goa after my bus to the airport broke down on the highway (see my previous video from Kerala) my plans were suddenly forced to change.

I couldn't really afford to book an additional flight to Goa so I unfortunately had to miss it out and I instead headed to Delhi instead. Before I could do any sightseeing however, I had to buy train tickets for my upcoming journeys in India. I figured buying tickets in the Capital would be the easiest and best option. That didn't mean it was simple though, this was India after all.... A country which I'm sure likes to make things as difficult as it can for tourists....

I won't get into the whole drama in this post but suffice to say it was an absolute farce, took me 3 days and as a result I had no time left to do any sightseeing. If you want to see just how difficult it was for me to buy train tickets in Delhi then watch my video at the top of this page.

The positive however, was that as I walked around for 3 days between my hostel, Old Delhi train station and then later New Delhi station I was able to do plenty of street photography.

Delhi is a very busy and very hectic City, it's full on, which was pretty stressful at times, like when trying to safely cross the road for example, but it meant that there was always something to photograph.

It was a Sunday as I walked to Old Delhi station and as a result there was a book market immediately outside my hostel and then a clothes market closer to the train station. This presented a great opportunity for some interesting photos.


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