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The Struggles Of Trying To Make It As A Professional Photographer

Many of you will know that a while ago I quit my full time job to try to pursue my dream of becoming a professional travel photographer. Soon after quitting my job as a postman I also left London, a City I loved living in for nearly 6 years and moved back to my hometown of Carlisle, a very small city close to the Scottish border.

Nearly a year and a half later since making those changes, things aren't really happening the way I would like and I'm struggling to find the opportunities I want back in my hometown.

Things have been beginning to frustrate me lately, although thankfully getting out somewhere with my camera always makes me feel better.

In my latest video on YouTube then, I discuss the realities and struggles of quitting a full time job to try to pursue my dreams, the things that have been frustrating me and on the flip side of all that I also discuss why seeking out adventure in every day life is so important for mine (and I'm sure your) wellbeing.

Please watch the video below.

Are you in a similar position to me? Do you also dream of becoming a professional photographer or other creative? If so please get in touch and let me know your story.



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