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There Is No Dress Rehearsal For Life

After sharing some advice in yesterday's post from a book I have just finished reading, Steal Like An Artist by Austin Kleon, I thought I would again share some more advice from one of my favourite books today.

This time just a simple quote from a book I have spoke about before in my How to be Happy video where I spoke about how I managed to quickly and drastically change my mentality from being fed up, frustrated and low to being happy, grateful and optimistic.

The Little Book of Stoicism is one of the best books I have ever read and was one of the key influences in getting my mind to a much better and happier place.

This quote perfectly compliments something I talk about a lot with the idea of 'there's always an adventure to be had...' It's all about living life to the full and enjoying and appreciating every moment:

There is no dress rehearsal for life. This is life; this is it, right now... Each moment you live passes and is gone, never to return. Life is too brief to not consider how to experience it at its best. This is not about bungee jumping or forming an extravagant bucket list. It can happen in the ordinary moments of your everyday life.


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