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Why Happiness Must Come Before Success

Due mainly to the Coronavirus pandemic and spending most of the year in lockdown, 2020 was not a very creative year for me.

As a photographer and video creator, I took very few photos and didn't put out my normal weekly content. So it may have appeared as a very bad year for me, but while my creativity suffered, it was still a very good year for me.

That is because I spent the year focusing on and developing myself, my mindset and my happiness.

One of the reasons I have not been as successful with my photography and video career is because I have had a negative mindset, focusing on all the things in my life I wasn't happy about and feeling as though nothing was going my way. I suffered from a victim mindset.

I have greatly turned that around over the last few months however and I am now much more positive, grateful, happy and optimistic and as a result, have much more energy and drive to work on my goals, my career and my productivity.

If you have a negative mindset, how can you possibly work towards a big goal with the energy and effort that it really requires to succeed.

That is why I believe happiness must come first. It is why, despite not creating very much, 2020 was such an important year for me and why I believe it has set me up to have a much more successful future.

Watch my latest YouTube video at the top of this page for more on why 2020 was a hugely successful year for me and why happiness must come before anything else.


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