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A Day Out Meeting Friends - Finally

Here in England we are now allowed to spend as much time we like outdoors, in open areas and are also allowed to meet other people so long as we still remain at least 2 metres apart.

So today I arranged to meet up with one of my friends and go for a walk around our City. After a 2 hour walk and catch up I returned to my flat just in time for another one of my friends to get in touch and asked if I fancied meeting!

So after weeks of not seeing anyone and spending the majority of my time alone in my flat, suddenly in 1 day I'd met 2 of my friends that I'd not seen since lockdown began and went on two lovely walks.

As you'll be able to see in my photos the weather was perfect too and never before have I appreciated so much that actually..... the City I live in is actually pretty damn beautiful!



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