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Diary Post - Tougher Days

I spoke recently about how I am trying to take full advantage of the world being on pause at the moment and about some of the good things that have came out of being on lockdown.

There will however be tough moments too and for the past couple of days I've been struggling to motivate myself as much or to get as much done. I am still exercising everyday, reading and writing a blog post everyday, but I'm certainly not as productive as I could be, or even as much as I was a week or two ago.

With beautiful weather at the moment and being stuck in my flat for so long I think I am just longing for the outdoors and to get out for an adventure with my camera again and it is tough not knowing when I'll next be able to do that.

Also it is my birthday tomorrow, and whereas I often look forward to my birthday as it's an excuse to meet up with friends and family, this year I know I'll just be stuck in my flat again not being able to see anyone at all.

I'm hoping at least a video call or two tomorrow will lift my spirits again and then I'll be able to get back into my good flow again that I had been in lately. 🤞



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