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Going On A Random Adventure To A Mystery Location

A couple of years ago while at the Photography Show in Birmingham I saw a talk by a photographer who said on her days off she would often go to the train station, walk to the ticket machine, close her eyes and then hit the screen with her finger and whichever destination her finger landed on she would head to with her camera.

She said it was a great way to spur her creativity and enthusiasm and a good way to test and challenge yourself - to just go somewhere new and random without any planning and try to photograph it. I remember thinking it was a fantastic idea, yet I've never actually done it myself for some reason.

That was until today...

I'll not say where I ended up visiting, you'll have to watch my video on YouTube next week to find that out ;)

What I will say though is that I had a really enjoyable day, got some good practise with my camera, specifically my street photography which I'm always wanting to improve and got some good photographs, which I otherwise would not have taken. All in all it was a far better day than had I just stayed in my home town and done my usual routine.

It's something I highly recommend and obviously you don't even have to do it with a camera if photography isn't your thing. It's just a great way to have a fun day out, explore somewhere random and do something a bit different.

See where you could end up... :)



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