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Longing for Street Photography

In these strange times, the thing I currently find myself missing more than anything else (in terms pf photography at least) is street photography.

I've been reflecting on the work of a lot of my favourite photographers recently like Alex Webb and Martin Parr as well as watching street photography videos on YouTube and it has all left me desperate to get out and photograph real, everyday life on the streets.

I find I am missing it much more than landscape photography at the moment. This is partly tied to recent thoughts I've been having about the kind of photographer I want to be and what I want to be known for and there will be more discussions on that and on my current feelings towards landscape photography over the coming days here on my blog and on my YouTube channel.

The way I am feeling at the moment however, I think that my future may be more aligned with street photography.

The unfortunate thing though is that it's not something I really feel I can currently do. This will sound like an excuse every one makes but Carlisle really is not the place for street photography in the best of times. If there is anywhere people are likely to give you grief for walking around in public and taking photos of people in public, Carlisle is it!

So with the current coronavirus pandemic, streets being emptier and people being even more weary and cautious than usual, I really don't feel like I can go out into town and start pointing my camera at people right now.

Nor can I travel to a larger City which would be better suited for street photography. It definitely feels that that is what I want to focus more on in the future though and as soon as I can safely and sensibly do so, I'll definitely be paying a visit to Newcastle.



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