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Polar Ignite Fitness Watch - The Start of My Fitness Journey

In yesterday's blog post I spoke about the importance of developing good habits and that exercising regularly seemed to me to be one of the most crucial. As I explained yesterday: "It's amazing how good and different I feel immediately after a good workout..... immediately after exercising I feel like a completely different person...

I feel exercising is key to me, not just improving my health and fitness, but key to me achieving all of my goals as I'm so much more energised, determined and motivated as a result of it.

So to further motivate me to exercise regularly and so I can better track my fitness I recently purchased the Polar Ignite fitness watch. There are two key reasons why I bought this particular fitness tracker. 1. It is particularly detailed with the amount of data and different metrics you can track and measure and 2. It has a feature called FitSpark where each day it will give you suggested workouts to do based on your fitness, your sleep and recovery and your past workouts.

This feature particularly excited me as I do want to exercise a lot more but often just don't know what I should be doing. In the past I've mainly just focused on running because, well everyone knows how to run! If like me you usually always do cardio work though, this watch will notice that and give you strength workouts to try too.

From now on I will never have the excuse of not knowing what to do and so not doing anything at all. Now all I have to do is look at my Polar Ignite each morning. I'm particularly excited about this and on my first full day with the watch I thought I would try out the workout FitSpark was suggesting to me that day.

You can see how it went in the video below.

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1 Comment

Lee Walker
Lee Walker
May 02, 2020

Keep going! Definitely a positive step forward!

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