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What Kind Of Photographer Do I Want To Be?

As I've said in a previous post, I feel as though current events in the United States and the #blackouttuesday movement on social media this week, has spurred something inside of me and I now feel myself questioning what I ultimately want to achieve with my photography.

Is it time for me to take a new direction? I do not want to go too much into my thoughts in this post because I have a video to go out soon, which will go into this in much more detail, so stay tuned for that both here on my blog and on my YouTube channel.

Suffice to say however, I am asking myself a lot of questions at the moment. Questions about what kind of career I want, what I want to be known for and the impact I want my photography to have.

I feel I have two slightly contrasting thoughts on where I want to take my photography career. One is to keep things as they are, focusing on Adventure and inspiring people to live life to the full and without regret. The other is taking things in a very different direction altogether.

Or can I find a happy medium between the two? Perhaps a niche somewhere in the middle that would achieve both those goals? That would be the dream right now but I have to do a lot of thinking before I realise whether or not that is possible.

Apologies for the rather mysterious tone of this post, I am really just 'scribbling' down my thoughts here. Like I said however there will be much more on this in the form of both blog posts and videos over the next few days.

To give you a slight insight into my current thoughts however, I will finish by asking you for some help. Are there any documentary photographers that you know of and like that you can recommend to me.

For the record, I will say, I am not thinking about becoming a documentary photographer myself, I am just looking for some inspiration and perhaps some interesting photography projects other photographers have done. So do please leave a comment below if you have any suggestions.





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