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Wildlife Photography During Lockdown - Kinda

When lockdown began here in the UK I lost all my motivation to do any photography. I would have loved to go out on a hike and do some landscape photography, but of course I couldn't. My usual style of photography involves travel, landscape and street photography, all of which is very difficult to do when you are told you must stay at home. So as a result I just stopped doing any photography.

Eventually the frustration of not doing any photography at all got too much and knowing that this lockdown and crisis around Coronavirus would last a long time, I was concerned that I was practising my craft.

So more recently I have began making the effort to take (or at least look for) photos every single day. It's not about taking photos worthy of going into my portfolio, just simply practising and honing my skills as best I can under the circumstances and also, just simply doing the thing I love and that brings me happiness.

As a result I have begun to find my motivation and inspiration around my photography again and are suddenly finding photographs in places I otherwise, previously would not have. (See more on that here)

The other night though I was blessed with a great subject as I looked out of my bedroom window as the sun was setting and noticed a Heron sat on the rooftop of one of the houses opposite. My window looks out onto a small beck so I have noticed Herons around here before, but never high up in the open on the rooftops.

So I quickly grabbed my camera and took a few photos. I can't go out and explore the outdoors at the moment like I usually enjoy to do, so in these difficult times, these little moments are particularly special.


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