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Photographing My City's History From My Bedroom Window

In yesterday's post I shared a time-lapse I'd taken from my living room window as the sun set one evening. It was essentially the result of becoming frustrated at being stuck in my flat during lockdown and not doing any photography.

I'm not interested in macro photography or photographing forks in my cutlery draw, it just doesn't excite me in the same way that photographing the world's beauty or different cultures do. But being so restricted because of coronavirus now, I have to look for ways to still be creative and still practice my photography.

So I've finally begun taking photos again, either from inside my flat or as I go out to exercise or to get my grocery shopping. I will share many of these photos here on my blog but to start off with I'll share a photo I took recently from my bedroom window.

This is the view I look out from when sat at my desk in my bedroom (/office) and is one that I am very grateful to have in my flat - although it is difficult to photograph.

I love looking out my bedroom window onto the beck and what is known as Dixons chimney. The chimney is a bit of an iconic landmark for Carlisle and is part of what used to be a mill (now flats).

Carlisle used to be a very industrial City and had many mills and factories and this chimney is a everyday reminder of the City's past.

At 290 feet it was built large enough so that the smoke generated from the factory would not intoxicate the people of Carlisle.

As I say, I love looking out directly onto the beck, this iconic and historic part of Carlisle in Dixons Chimney and the way they perfectly line up with each other, with trees either side.

Unfortunately I also look out onto my small, off street car park, which I've just been able to exclude using my 135mm lens, but there are still a lot of fences, weeds, satellite dishes and other distractions which make this particularly difficult to photograph.

I'd love to be able to create a more simplified, minimised photo of just the beck, chimney and sky but I just have to work with what there is and at the moment, until this Coronavirus passes, I'm just grateful to be doing any photography at all.

I'll share more views and photographs from my living room window tomorrow...

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1 Comment

Lee Walker
Lee Walker
May 02, 2020

Glad to read your staying focused and doing what you can!

I've started outting together a series of posts called 'Architectural Projects' (or something along those lines) - Highlighting impressive buildings I've shot and providing some history to them

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